Family Walk

Participate in the Zandvoort Light Walk with the whole family! The Family Walk is a distance of 6 km, suitable for (young) children. Experience a sporty evening together on Saturday February 20, while you can admire all the breathtaking light artworks.

The Family Walk starts in three different groups: 18.20 hours, 18.30 hours and 18.40 hours. 500 participants can start per starting group.

How do I register for the Family Walk?

How nice that you want to walk the Zandvoort Light Walk with your family. Go to the registration page and choose the option ‘Create a team’. Here you have the option to choose a starting time of your choice. Then you follow the steps of the registration module.

To register for the Family Walk, at least one child must join, and the group may not exceed eight people. Adults and children from 4 years old must have a valid starting ticket. Children up to 4 years old can participate for free.

Family Walk - Zandvoort Light Walk