The Zandvoort Light Walk has 3 different routes: 18 km, 14 km or the Family Walk of 6 km.

All distances start at the KNRM rescue station Zandvoort. The first kilometers go towards Circuit Zandvoort, where you can walk on the new, magical Formula 1 asphalt. Here you will also find the first stamp post. Afterwards you walk further towards the second stamp post: Strandpaviljoen Thalassa. Here you can give your feet some rest and enjoy some sweets. After Thalassa Strandpaviljoen you will continue on the beach. The course of the Family Walk runs for a part along the beach after which they continue towards the finish.

After about 3,5 km on the beach, the routes of the 14 and 18 km continue through dune area and the village towards the Watertoren of Zandvoort. After a short walk together, the 14 and 18 km split on the Zandvoortselaan. The 14 km goes towards the attractive finish on the Kerkplein. Participants of the 18 km walk to their last stamp post DUNE on the dune edge. From here it’s 4 km to the finish.

Route - Zandvoort Light Walk